We help minimize the tax burden of our clients. We have created our Tax Networks to bring together our tax specialists in order to facilitate interchange of knowledge and a seamless approach to the management of our clients’ tax affairs in global business.

Our tax support services cover the following taxes;

  • Corporate and Education Taxes

    Corporate income tax – Returns and Computations

    • Review/ Preparation of income tax, education tax and capital allowances computations, based on the audited financial statements
    • Prepare self-assessment returns in respect of income tax and education tax, on behalf of the company, based on the tax computation prepared
    • File the tax computations, together with self-assessment returns and the audited accounts with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS);
    • Assist the Company on procedures for payment of the taxes to the FIRS, and obtain official receipts;
    • Processing of the company’s tax clearance certificate
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)

    • Review the VAT positions and prepare returns to the FIRS;
    • Assist the Company on the procedures for payment  to the FIRS, and supporting documents required;
    • On behalf of the Company, obtaining necessary receipts and/or confirmations as may be required.
    • Periodically provide the Company with information on any changes to VAT Acts.
  • Withholding Tax (WHT)

    • Review the WHT accounting records to ensure consistency with the enabling statute;
    • Review WHT positions and   prepare returns to the tax  office;
    • Assist the Company on the procedure for payment to the relevant Authorities, and supporting documents required;
    • Obtain WHT receipts and WHT credit notes, on behalf of the company.
    • Periodically provide the Company with information on any changes to WHT regulation
  • Tax Representation

    Representation is a very powerful tool you can use to “even the odds” when you must deal with the tax authorities. Most individuals do not have the experience in dealing with the tax authorities in negotiations, and understand the value of being represented by someone with the proper knowledge and experience. The result of being represented by an experienced Negotiator is generally a better financial deal for you.

    We will represent you in case of any audit, enquiries, notices received from Federal, State & Local Revenue Authorities to the best of your own advantage and we will assure you that you will be represented in a professional way.

Personnel Administration & Statutory Compliance

  • Establish & manage an effective HR record system
  • Design & document applicable agreements ensuring that employees sign as necessary
  • Ensure & monitor compliance to Labour Law and other HR
    impacting laws, rules & regulations

Rewards & Recognition

  • Design, implement and monitor effective utilization of Rewards & Recognition system

Organizational Development/HR Process Audit

  • Take a critical look at the existing processes and procedures along with the organizational mission and vision to ensure compatibility and effectiveness in meeting strategic goals. A re-engineering.
  • Audit current HR processes to ascertain efficiency and relevance in order to revamp or re-empower efficient processes

Employee Relations & Welfare

  • Manage and ensure adherence to HR Policies
  • Establish & maintain regular communication channels with employees
  • Engender companywide team spiritedness through facilitation of team building activities
  • Grievance Procedure Management

Event Management & Consulting Services

We design, plan and organize high-profile business and private events. Events are all about bonding. And that’s exactly what we here at DynamicPlus are best at: our event planning services take those special moments one step further and create once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

From selecting the perfect venue to an imaginative theme with the right decor, we take care of every detail to make your event a stress free, seamlessly managed occasion for you and your guests to enjoy. Watch your worries slip away as our professional event planner team etches together the event of your dreams.

All you have to do is tell us what you want and leave the rest to us.

Human Capital Development

  • Training needs analysis
  • Training calendar management and creation
  • Bespoke onsite programmes
  • Training facilitation

Executive Search & Selection(Recruitment)

  • Assess & profile available vacancies; create detailed job descriptions where necessary
  • Create and/or place job adverts
  • Application handling, pre-selection,interviews scheduling
  • Conducting tests*; HR / first line interviews
  • Offer management
    * Additional charges may apply

Performance and career management

  • Establish an employee friendly Performance Management framework that aligns business objectives with employee goals
  • Assist to establish and evaluate performance objectives
  • Work with management & employees to design effective Performance Improvement and Career Development Plans
  • Probation management